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My tiny amateur game production company, Chapter 11 Studios, is working on an adventure game set in the Wild West. The game involves a quest for an ancient treasure, plus a sprawling conspiracy... Kind of like Indiana Jones meets the Old West, with a dash of Monkey Island humor thrown in to keep things light. The game is called Rise of the Hidden Sun. I'm also writing a monthly design journal for that talks about the process of creating a game from scratch.

Anyway, I'm currently looking for one or two additional background artists to join the team of Chapter 11 Studios ( and help speed up the production of the game. Currently we have one background artist on staff who is doing some amazing work, but to speed things up in production we'd like to add another talented person.

Requirements for the position are:

- Produce two to four penciled background screens per month
- Emulate the established style of the previous backgrounds

The way we do background screens for this game is to use penciled artwork (i.e. simple black and white work) and then add colors at a later stage in production. So the artist for this position would ideally work in pencil and scan in the detailed backgrounds, which would later be polished up by our colorist.

(A lot can be smoothed out in the coloring phase, so you don't have to be able to mimic the existing style exactly... but it is important to maintain a consistent feel throughout the game.)

If you're interested in giving it a try, please e-mail me at To learn more about this project, read the Adventure Architect column at


Josh Roberts
Chapter 11 Studios
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