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Raven Software has confirmed reports published within the mighty Games Press Empire that it's developing Jedi Knight III for LucasArts. The 3D shooter was unofficially announced during Activision's recent earnings call - but this marks the first official affirmation from its creators. German game magazine Gamestar had the pleasure of being the first to preview Jedi Knight III - while a report on offers the same details translated into English.

Ever dream of taking the role of a female Jedi or a Twi'lek? Gamers won't play as Kyle Katarn - but will create their own character from scratch. also reports that players will be able to customize their own lightsaber. The gameplay will reportedly place a greater emphasis on the use of the saber - and will allow players to combine force powers for devastating strategies and attacks.

Raven is going back to the series' roots by allowing players to choose to follow either the light or dark side of the Force while electing to advance specific skills. Raven promises a degree of non-linearity by allowing players to choose their missions and advance toward different finales for dark and light side characters. also reports that players will visit several locations familiar to Star Wars fans during the game's 30-hour campaign - including Hoth and Tatooine. All will be beautifully rendered by a revamped Quake III engine. The multiplayer portion of the game series will be enhanced as well. Other activities sure to thrill fans include riding a Tuan Tuan and fighting with two light sabers at once.

More as we have it.

Skin Projects: (click on the links provided to download the files or view the current progress)
Emperor Palpatine: Completed
Jerec: Completed
Raas Avlow: Completed, but being redone
Mara Jade: Completed, but being redone which is nearly complete, New Mara WIP
Anakin Skywalker: Completed
Count Dooku: Done, not released
Ibtisam (Mon Calamari model) normal and rogue flight suit: Pending release
Talon Karrde: Completed
Rock Fisto (Kit Fisto model): Never released

E-mail me if you'd like to see or try one of these skins that I've not yet released.
Also, if you have an idea for a skin for me to make (Star Wars based preferably), please e-mail me with that idea and I'll take it under consideration for a future project.
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