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Originally posted by Wacky_Baccy
I do believe we can close the thread and settle any bets now - see here for why
You beat me to it

Here is the relavent section of the linked post from ChangKhan[RAVEN]:

Okay, well, first off, if I'm going to answer any of the questions, I guess I need to admit that we are, indeed, making this game (should be pretty obvious by now, so no-one should get mad at me for admitting as much). No, it's not a hoax/joke/rumor, no, it's not an expansion pack, it is a full, complete, stand-alone game. And it's called Jedi Knight III right now for lack of a better name, I, personally, would not call it a "sequel" to JK2 since I think a DF/JK game should always be about the Katarns (maybe a true JK3 could be about Kyle and Jan's child, who perhaps shows a particularly strong adeptness with the Force...?) So I wouldn't be surprised if the name doesn't stay "Jedi Knight III" (but who knows). Not that it's not a full game, it's bigger than JK2 in terms of gameplay, content and features, it's just not, in my opinion, the true sequel to JK2. I think that one shouldn't be done for a year or so and should probably use a new engine.

So all you nay-sayers were crying for nothing Sorry, had to get a jab in there...
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