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Possilbe Bugs and New Ideas

From what I've noticed since using this mod, as far as bugs go, is that it doesn't work in single player, though that's not a big deal, it doesn't allow you to run on walls anymore or do the jumps off of them and I've yet to be able to do the yellow stance special move (other then in single player, when the mod doesn't seem to be in effect).
Some other ideas that I had for inclusion would be the front and side roles changed to the cartwheels and the butterfly kick instead of the rear role.
I was also wondering if it was possible to have the cartwheels do damage and act as a kick does and I don't know if the butterfly kick's swinging of the lightsaber does damage or not but that would be a cool addition too.
Being able to shoot from a cartwheel, at least the minor guns (not the sniper rifle's or the rocket launcher's secondary fires) would be incredible as well.
Also, I was wondering if it'd be possible to allow the running on walls to be infinite in distance instead of the 5 or so steps so long as you have a force pool left or you choose to jump off. Maybe with this also adding an option to strafe towards the wall while already on it before pressing jump and having this result be the back flip being performed starting from the sideways position. Do you understand what I mean? Also, by starting on the floor then pressing strafe twice and jump twice it'd be possible to do the back flip from a strafe instead of running straight at the wall, thus also resulting in a rotation in the direction that you are looking by 90 degrees. This is A Lot to ask, I know, but at this point I'm just trying to give you ideas.
Thanks for your time and the effort that you've put into this.

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