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Exclamation MotF R3 Beta 3 Released

Ok, the MotF Team has decided to go with semi-open betas.

The plan was to have BOFH host a server but I think he's backed out with his lack of communication.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in hosting a dedicated server. Please let us know.

The Major Changes from R2 to R3 B3:

1. Prototype of the ghoul2 blade collisions. The system is basically in place but there seems to be problem with teh animations not matching server to client. This results in a little bit of saber passthru but it's still vastly better to basejk2.

2. Fixed the ghoul2 hitzone bug that causes a bunch of error messages to happen at random (and fixed the hitzone detection for those sutuations).

3. Removed the auto block for the saber attacks. This is a temp. measure (for debugger) til we redo the saber system internals more. Basically, to block a saber you now have to block it with your saber instead of just stand there.

4. Saber passthru - your saber can now hit multiple people at the same time. This also improved the saber collisions a bit. (A saber used to total block saber eventhou the attacker's blade was in the defender's gut.)

The Beta links are here

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