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Originally posted by ZBomber
I have permission to post here. Maybe not by Lynk Former, etc, but by Admins.
Do you guys really need your own forum? If Downtime is bothering you, just tell the "noobs" to not post thigns that annoy you. We'll listen, but we think you guys don't mind, because, well.. .you yourselves post that kinda crap.
You guys all have MSN Messenger, so you can use that and have a big convo or whatever. Or you can rent a hotel. But please, I wanna be able to post here, and I'm sure alot of other people do to. Just think about it.
Z we've already been through this in MSN, and you ran off like a girl crying and vowed never to post in Aresen again... and then you got IS and complained to him... should I go on? |

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