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The Darkness returns...

It is a time of war. The Imperial Remnant and the New Republic have joined forces to fight the aliens species called the Yuuzhan Vong. But an ancient threat plans to restore the galaxy to its heel and destroy the Imperial Remnant, New Republic and especially, the Jedi...

The Yuuzhan Vong warship flew above the world of Castin, its plasma cannons pumping energy into the persueing Stardestroyer, Dreadnaughts and Old Republic destroyers. Below, World devastators and Decimators ravaged the Vong lands. Warmaster Savong Lah stared in disblief at the Vilip displaying the face of Srith, domain Shy. "Jedi are using these mechines of war?" "Yes war master. But their energy is different from and Jedi we've ever...wait!" A New face appeared on the Vilip. A tatooed and horned face. "Prepare to meet your destiny!" It said.

A few days later...

Jedi master Kyle Katarn stood on a balcony with Jedi master Luke Skywalker. "Master Skywalker. We need men to investigate this mystery." "But this action may persuade some jedi to become aggeresors." "Master, to lay dormant may be as danger ous as to not take action...more dangerous." Luke sighed. "Very well. Asemble your team.

As you may have guessed, your mission is to investgate strange sightings of jedi battling Vong with super weapons. Your charater can be Jedi, Smuggler, Bounty hunter, soldier or neutralized Sith of the Remnant's order.
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