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Originally posted by greedo626
well, scince I plan to have my first character fall to the dark side (DIE, GONKS, DIE! ), I'll wear black clothes and have a bad ass red saber with a hilt that's black with lot's of spikes and stuff. I'll have it that I use two sabers if that's possible, and if I can't have two I'll use a double bladed... man, I can't wait for JA

[edit] oh, I'll be a rodian. Darth Greedo lives!
Originally posted by Clemme w/Stick
Can you say a Rodian Sith, with 2 single bladed sabers (if available)?

That is my vision so far. I always wanted to be a bad@$$ Sith warrior !

Clemme must be feeding on my brain or something

Am I still here?... meh...
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