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Razor... i'm afraid your mod has proven itself to be quite umplayable on my machine...I say my machine cuz i think it's a bug manifesting on my machine for some forsaken reason... the trueview in this case... i mean.. you know those fish lens effect?.. well i see everything through fishlens... dunno why... i get nauseous playing like this. Plus it's REALLY FAST.. or looks that way anyhow.

Is it supposed to look like this? i hope not.. i've been playing your mod before the true view and i was adoring it. Something is really messed up thats fer sure ;p

Well... i think it has to do with the FOV since everything distorts towards the peripheral vision... to the center everything looks very very far away and small, when i change to 3rd person the character is farther away than he should be.

You know anything bout this?


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