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Judging by this quote from the interview I seem to be quoting an awful lot lately, I'd say it's a fairly safe bet that you'll be able to do something like what you said
We've enhanced GHOUL 2, which is our modelling and animation system, to allow for the character creation system, color choices and options. We ported over the Arioche terrain system from Soldier of Fortune 2, which allows for expansive terrain environments. We've done an update in ICARUS, which is our in-house scripting system. It allows us to do just a little bit more than we did in the past. The saber system is enhanced; it's basically the same as the Jedi Knight 2 engine, but we've added new moves and enhancements. We've tried to make a lot of the game friendlier to the mod community.

The first thing people did when JK2 came out was create their own sabers and their own characters. It was a lot easier to do that in multiplayer than single-player, so now we've made it easier for single-player. Now you can just drag it into a folder or update a file and you'll be good to go.

Welcome back btw - I remember you from last year's buildup to JK2 - nice to see more old faces cropping up

I miss digl. ...I found digl!
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