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ScummVM is probably nicely screwed up. I'm not 100% on the joyful procedure, but this should hopefully be foolproof. I don't know if you are using LEC Quick & Easy or ScummVM Quick & Easy, they're essentially the same, so if you're using ScummVM Quick & Easy, just replace "LEC Quick & Easy" with "ScummVM Quick & Easy"

Download the ScummVM Windows Installer. Run it, and install it to the default location.

Now try running Quick & Easy in ScummVM mode.

If it crashed again, then run the installer again. This time, point it to the LEC Quick & Easy directory (Wherever LEC Quick & Easy is, you might have chosen yourself (you can always get it again) - eg "C:\LEC Q&E\").

If it still doesn't work, repeat the procedure using the Daily Snapshot (the latest release of ScummVM or whatever).

If it's still on strike, then I recommend you just pretend that it's working anyway, otherwise we will send some half-people half-packdogs to hunt you down and eat the part of your brain that enjoys adventure gaming.

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