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Originally posted by scabb
ScummVM is probably nicely screwed up. I'm not 100% on the joyful procedure, but this should hopefully be foolproof. I don't know if you are using LEC Quick & Easy or ScummVM Quick & Easy, they're essentially the same, so if you're using ScummVM Quick & Easy, just replace "LEC Quick & Easy" with "ScummVM Quick & Easy"

Download the ScummVM Windows Installer. Run it, and install it to the default location.

Now try running Quick & Easy in ScummVM mode.

If it crashed again, then run the installer again. This time, point it to the LEC Quick & Easy directory (Wherever LEC Quick & Easy is, you might have chosen yourself (you can always get it again) - eg "C:\LEC Q&E\").

If it still doesn't work, repeat the procedure using the Daily Snapshot (the latest release of ScummVM or whatever).

If it's not working, then I recommend you just pretend that it is anyway, otherwise we will send some half-people half-packdogs to hunt you down and eat the part of your brain that enjoys adventure gaming.
Lol, but anyway, it's not crashing regularly, and my only problem is occasional messed up speech and sound FX. I know this could be rectified if I copied the aforementioned files to the HD which I have (TENTACLE.000
TENTACLE.001). However, when I try to copy MONSTER.SOU from the CD to the hard drive I get a cyclic redundancy check error, and I have no idea how to get past this.
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