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Gah! You could have said it was DOTT.

This means that either your CD is a little scratched and the file MONSTER.SOU is corrupt, or that explorer gets a little bored halfway through transferring the file to Hard drive and decides to annoy you with error messages.

Download Isobuster, Install and run.

Find the file "MONSTER.SOU" on the disc (It should be in the DOTT folder). Right click the file and choose EXTRACT RAW DATA, then stick it in the folder you're hoarding DOTT in. If you get error messages, you can choose to ignore them and the file should still jump to the hard drive, it may be a teensy bit corrupt but it should probably run the game still.

If all is still not well, then you should definitely make obscene gestures towards your CD, use a powerdrill on your favourite molar, and then see what the stuff under the sink tastes like - either that or purchase another copy.
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