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Pro-more NPCs

I don't really care about NPC interaction, but that would add a nice element to the game. I definitely think that there needs to be more NPCs populating some of the levels. the Nar Shadaa level in JO was lame. It's a freaking city! There should have been lots of NPCs. I guess Raven could say, that Reelo owned most of the area you were in so that's why, but still, it should have been populated with some sort of NPC. Like the Baron's Hed levels in JK1. It makes the game feel more epic, and larger in scope. In JO it was just you and the enemys nothing more. As fun as that may be, it would be better if the game felt more Star Wars, and not just Q3 with sabers. I loved JO, but it can be so much more with minimal additions. NPCs are one such addition that must be made to JA. Load up those worlds Raven!

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