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Well, the first thing I must comment is onviously the unfortunate fact that there seems to be one script missing. It should be run, when the elevator breaks up, but instead you can just see the error message of a missing script. I can't remember the name, though.

Then a couple of other things. Those field generators were nice, particularly so, because I haven't myself even thought of making them so that they would have a kind of split, where the force field is located. That was a very good solution and looked fine. However, if I were you, I would still concider the retexturing them. The current texturing of the emitters is, to say it bluntly, a bit dull, too repetitive perhaps, and not very realistic.

Although it is not a problem otherwise in your map, but it is still a good thing to keep in mind, that maps and architecture in them should be designed in a way that looks reasonable in a way that such designs could actually really exists.

Still an other thing. Perhaps you are not well acquainted with the area, but your map seems to lack areaportaling totally. My computer is not of the top class with only 1000MHz (although I do have GeForce4200), so I noticed this first just because of low FPS (not intolerable low, by any means). Yet it is a must to learn do areaportaling early in your career. What I mean is that with "r_showtris !" I could see from the first hall all the way to the hangar... When the search function is enabled again, search the forums for areaportals, possibly for hint brushes also.
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