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Razor... i think tunrning down the walking speed would smooth things up... i mean... it's easier to follow your opponent. Most FPS's have turbo speeds for the sake of gameplay, but your mod could use exactly the opposite.

I'd sugest the following:
* turn down walk/run speed to match real life speed.
* use walk (as opposed to always run option) as default
* besides the run key, add a toggle run key so that you may run for extended ammounts of time without having to keep the run key pressed.

Also... when you do those swings that make the body rotate 360 degrees, try to make the camera turn slower as well withthe jump filps cuz you can really loose your north there... too fast if compared to what we see in the 3rd person view(i might be wrong on this one but it's still a fact that it turns too fast)... right now it's almost like you start and immediatly you are on the end of the spin without passing through the rest of the spin. The case in wich i think it's less troublesome is the back roll... the jump flips are crazy fast as well.

just keeping my post simple.. in my opinion.. it's mostly a speed issue. Try turning it down and i'm sure the results will be better.


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