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The LucasForums Jedi Academy is a group of people who in a sense try to emulate the Jedi Training seen in the movies. New users(padawans) are apprenticed to veteren users(Masters), who teach the "padawans" the ways of the forums, not to spam, not to flame, to be a good part of the community in general. Treating others with kindness and respect will result in kindness and respect back. If the Padawan has questions about something on the forums, they can ask their Master for help. It's almost like a Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization of LucasForums.

We don't own you, control you, or force you to do anything. All we ask is that if you do join LFJA, that you at least listen to the advice your master(who must have 1000 posts I might add) gives you, as they have been down that road before and can pass on their knowledge to you.

Most of the members of LFJA are good friends who keep in contact with each other over MSN and various other instant messaging programs. A community within a community if you will. We often play games such as Jedi Outcast, and I know some play Age of Mythology together, so there's that side of it as well.

Basically, if you give us respect, we'll give you our time and do our best to make sure that your LucasForums experience is a good one.

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