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OOC- When I started reading this thread, I was considering starting a character in seclusion on Dathomir... and as luck would have it, it headed toward Dathomir anyway.


The lush tropical atmosphere had always interested Jodo Baas, ever since the first time his father brought him to this planet as a boy on one of his "freelance shipping" jobs. Not much came in or out of Dathomir; Jodo was probably one of the few people in the galaxy who knew it still existed, which is why it made an ideal location for silence.

And concentration.

Sitting cross-legged on a mossy rock overhanging a clear, babbling brook, Jodo Baas stared straight ahead without truly seeing anything, his vision and concentration held by some ethereal presence. Surrounding him, floating in the humid air like swamp-bees circling their prey, a collection of small rocks and twigs swirl gently, revolving around Jodo's body like a mock star constellation.

Let it flow, like a brook... he thinks to himself, the power of the Force ebbing through every facet of his being, suspending the tiny jungle foliage surrounding him. Since he was a child he had known the great strength within him, but his father never understood. His father never would understand either... the Empire had made sure he would never deliver another "freelance shipment" ever again. Pushing the deep-seated memories from his focus, Jodo continues to manipulate the rocks and branches, letting the soothing sound of the rushing water connect with his grasp on the Force, natural and fulfilling...


Gasping, Jodo instantly loses his concentration as the thought shatters his hold on the Force, sending the small rocks spiraling in every direction. Suddenly sweating, he looks through the dense jungle canopy to the sliver of clouded sky, a feeling of death refusing to leave his consiousness.

What in the Force...? he thinks as he gathers his lightsaber and raincloak, diappearing into the thick underbrush.
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