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OOC: Okay, Thrackan and conman haven't RPed their characters in awhile. I'll message them, but until then, I have a character to introduce anyway, so I'll extrapolate a bit. The hunter will die though. It's necessary, especially since we have a good Jedi to toy with now. Welcome to the RP Jodo.

The shot pierced Coryan's flesh. Neither he nor Kytel had noticed the intruder. The sudden shock, sends Coryan to the ground in agony. He was not prepared enough to focus his energies. Slowly his consciousness begins to fade.

Kytel, in one swift motion, vanishes into the shrubbery. Such grace and speed normally not seen on a man so old, the hunter was nearly dazed by the sight. He blinked for only a millisecond and the old man was gone. He began scanning for him down the barrel of his blaster carbine.

Improving his stealth with the power of the force, it was easy to meld into his surroundings. Gathering his senses, he regains his normal breathing before beginning to track down the hunter.

A sudden flash of light and a loud hum breaks the silence. Kytel watches as the hunter's head rolls down the hill, coming to a rest near his feet. The grimace of agony staring back at him, he releases a tiny chuckle. He knew who had done this. He knew that the adventure had reached it's summit.

"Gilliad,", Kytel chuckles, "I had not expected to find you so soon." Slowly he steps into the open, reaching out with his senses to anticipate an ambush.

Casually, gracefully descends the hill. The body of Remus still pulsating lifelessly behind him. The nerves in his shattered remains carrying signals to his muscles that they unquestioningly carried out. The mans aged and darkened flesh is adorned by a minimal of clothing under his wood brown robe. Nature had tanned his flesh. Time had strengthened him and wrinkled his him. "That is because you did not find me...", a cold, calculated hesitation, "...I found you.", he said.

Still sensing his surroundings through the force. "You have grown strong young apprentice. The witches have taught you well.", the elder master said with anticipation of far more. "I can barely sense your presence in the force, that normally comes with far more skill.", the Dark Jedi master poked at his old apprentice.

Gazing upon him for the first time, Kytel's eyes grow large. "The years have not been kind.", making reference to the wrinkles upon Gilliad's face.

"I have grown far more powerful than even you, Kytel.", a noted absence of the term master, strikes a chord in Kytel. "That comes easily over fourty years.", the words cut through the air, as does Gilliad. A thrity foot jump and a sweeping attack with his deep orange light saber.

Shocked at the words of the man, Kytel nearly is split through the crown of his head. With a smooth side step and a flick of the wrist, he was equally as armed, his red blade swinging twice in an instant. "You have lost track of time old friend...", Kytel said with contempt, "It has only been a decade."

Nearly unable to move, Coryan watches on, unable to assist. He began to focus on healing himself. The wound would need to be repaired if he were to be of any assistance.

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