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Originally posted by Admiral Vostok
If you mix Star Wars and Star Trek you get Expanded Universe.

I like to think LucasArts can think up their own ideas for a Space RTS.

Since it seems likely that if LucasArts were to go in the Space RTS direction, they would make separate games for Ground and Space, shall we start posting ideas for the Space RTS?

We've got plenty of threads on the Ground RTS side of things. Let's think about Space RTS. Here's some ideas:

You start with a base on one planet. There are several other planets scattered around the map. You can land on uncolonised planets and gain access to the resources there. Similar to Rebellion, there are a certain amount of resources on each planet, and you build a certain number of refineries to gain access to the resources.
You can build defences around your planets to make it harder for enemies to capture them. Enemies can capture your planets by destroying all the defences and all of your units within a certain radius of the planet (but if you have the Ground RTS Game, the battle continues on the surface of the planet).
You have basic worker units that build structures. From the structures you can build things like fighters, bombers, medium ships, and capital ships.

Hey, don't copy my ideas! I want a works cited!

(ok, I'm JK, but I made that idea first, so ya know)

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