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OOC: Any and all RPs.

NAME: Sienna Liara Kane
AGE: 25
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 158 lbs.
HAIR COLOR: Sandy Blonde (Long, but wore up most of the time)
EYES: Emerald Green
PLACE OF BIRTH: Alderaan, but was raised on Dathomir.
AFFILIATION: Empire/Imperials/Darkside(Dathomir Witch-Nightsister Clan)
PROFESSION: Assasin/Pilot (Best Imperial Female Pilot )
WEAPONS: A long Sword covered with Cortosis, Two Daggers, a blaster and a Lightsaber(Stolen from a Dead Jedi-Sienna knows how to use the lightsaber very well and is also force-sensitive) Magic.
DESCRIPTION: Well-toned. Slight scar on right cheek from battle.
CLOTHING: Mostly Black, but will wear anything that she can to get her job and/or mission done, even a slave's outfit.
VEHICLE: Personal Sith Transport (The Lady's Revenge), Tie Fighter for the Imperials, Speeder Bike.

BACKGROUND: Born on Alderaan to a Count and Countess, but was stolen from them at the age of 2 and brought to Dathomir from Getherizon. Geth taught Sienna everything she needed to know about the NS clan and Dark Magic. Sienna, deep down inside really wants to find her true heritage and family, but keeps it a secret. Until, then she is an assassin for hire and an Imperial.

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