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His blade was easily parried by Gilliad, he had grown far stronger than Kytel would have anticipated. The witches had done well with him. His blade hummed as it sliced through the air, moving faster than most Jedi could ever imagine. The sinister expression on his face, giving a physical view into his dark and evil soul. Their blades clashed together as many as a dozen times in the first few seconds of their conflict. *crash* *hiss* *crackle*

"I am amazed that you still have so much strength. I thought age would have consumed you by now.", he said whilst parrying a few more of Kytel's blows. He spun as a whirlwind in the desert, sending a few unfocused attacks at Coryan, just to keep him off balance. "What, can't defeat me alone.", he taunted Kytel.

Losing focus for a second, Kytel only partially parried the last swing, singeing a small portion of his lower robe. Taking a step back, he signals to Coryan to leave this to him. "I could defeat you without my apprentice, and without my lightsaber.", the words came in unison with an unnoticed attack. The head of the unfortunate hunter slams into the back of Gilliad's own. The loud thud echoing in the empty, lush forest.

OOC: This is probably a good time for our friend Jodo to arrive. Coryan on Jodo. Kytel on Gilliad. Combat ceases in two more posts.

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