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my two cents

What caught my eye about MotF is that it made the saber styles do the same amount of damage regardless of how fast you swing the saber. This is good. All saber styles should do the same amount of damage and IMO be about the same speed so as to balance gameplay. They should just be different physical styles, left to the players preference. As in... would I like to use a powerful up-down centered style, or use a lot of horizontal spins, or hold my saber backwards "Highlander"-style., etc etc. A hit that goes through a vital body part will kill regardless of how fast it was dealt. They should be for purely player preference

As for limiting the styles... I think this is a bad idea. For example, we had never seen anyone use an acrobatic dual-ended saber in a Star Wars movie before Darth Maul. There are countless different saber styles, nearly every jedi has his own. So for balance sake, I think there should be a server side option to allow people to use their own custom saber styles or not (this way they can stop people from using styles that are outrageously fast)

The only other real additions I'd like to see to MotF are
  • model and saber scaling (like in JediMod) so I can use my yoda model at a descent size
  • numerous taunts (like JediMod)
  • Tchouky's (spelling?) RGB saber colors
  • custom saber hilt selection (like Jedi Mod)
So in other words, I'd like to see a happy union of the two codes with the addition of custom saber styles
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