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OOC- Thracken, your character and mine haven't even met yet. You're fighting someone else, not me.
Besides, I didn't want to get into a physical confronation yet. Not my style, and certainly not the Jedi way. Jodo will be watching the fighting from nearby, and is going to confront you when it is over.

And considering I'm the only "good guy" in this RP, I seriously doubt killing me would be a good idea. Like you could anyway...

Deep in the jungles of Dathomir...

Like oil spreading across a clear lake, Jodo Baas can feel the presence of evil lurking over the horrizon, calling to the inner reaches of his brain with seductive whispers of power and hatred. He had dealt with these kinds of things before; the mysterious Nightsister clan had been a constant presence on Dathomir for years, but their essence was more organic, more in tune with the planet itself.

This dark Force was different, and far more powerful.

Hefting his dark brown raincloak over his shoulders, Jodo deftly weaves between the thick fallen branches and bushes of the jungle floor, reaching out with his mind toward the oily feeling that seems just over the next rise, ready to spring at him at any moment. The temperate air would have forced any normal man to stop long ago and rest, but the constant cross-country pace Jodo was traveling didn't even seem to phase him, as not a drop of sweat permeated his brow. The patchy grass parts as he passes as if brushed aside by unseen hands, clearing his way through the darkness under the treetop canopy.

All right Jodo, what are you going to do? he asks himself, ducking under a fallen tree trunk almost four times thicker than his body. You don't even know what this is, let alone how to defeat it. Shoving the negative thought from his mind, Jodo rumages on, heedless of anything other than the unseen enemy's presence. Pushing an opening through a pair of dark brown bushes, he stumbles into a small clearing under the canopy...

... to find a lone rancor, its body doubled over a small brook, lapping at the water with its massive drooling jaws.

Jerking to a complete stop, the sound of rumaging bushes tears the rancor's attention away from its drink, resting two glassy black pupils on Jodo. For a moment it pauses, looking at the Jedi as if confused, a few specks of moss dangling from its jagged teeth. Then, without hesitation, the rancor rears its head back and emits a throaty roar that sends a flock of birds fleeing from the canopy above.

Closing his eyes, Jodo Baas allows the sweet essence of the Force to enter him, calming the sense of fear that the creature's ferocious rumble initially gave him. Extending one hand toward the rancor's head, Jodo speaks soothingly, touching the beast's small mind with his own.

"I mean you no harm," he coos, extending his mind through the Force toward the towering creature, "I only wish to pass, not to disturb." For a moment the rancor continues to roar, but stops as if its vocal chords had been flipped off, lowering its ridgid head at Jodo's much smaller form with those unblinking black eyes. Cocking its head to one side, as if pondering some unasked question, the rancor stares.

And then lowers to its haunches.

Smiling, Jodo flips his hood back to allow his long brown hair to move in freedom, slowly walking alongside the rasping beast. Gently caressing the leathery skin along its rib cage, Jodo reaffirms his hold over it with the Force, swinging one leg over the rancor's hind quarters and climbing upon its back. Setting himself between the creature's shoulder blades, Jodo holds on to the ridged portion of the back of its skull as the rancor rises, hoisting the young Jedi up with it. Patting the beast reassuringly on the back, Jodo frowns as he looks into the distance.

"Let's go see who knocks on our door, friend," he says quietly, commanding the rancor to move on through the forest. Lumbing away, the creature obeys.
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