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I hope they introduce Galactic Battlegrounds 2 at E3 next month. I hope it is space-combat Strategy game this time or at least a combination. I have feeling it will mostly be introduction of their non-star wars titles. Because I notice that year's press releases at mentioned Sam and Max 2, Full Throttle II, A Untitled World War II Flight Combat Game, Wrath, Gladius, and Untitled Humoruos Action Game. Plus Galaxies, Jedi Knight Academy, Rogue Squadron 3. Can't forget Playstation 2 games coming out in May which are Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb and RTX Red Rock and X-box Live's The Clone Wars. It doesn't look to good for us Star Wars Strategy game people. I know I will be upset at Lucasarts if they don't release details at E3 2003.
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