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Jodo had unwittingly stumbled upon even more than he knew. The beast of burden he had taken control of belonged to a pair of sleepers stealthily making their way to the combat that still ensued.

Through the air, flew two Nightsisters. nearly 30 feet in the air, they swooped in to attack the duo of Dark Jedi.

Without a moments hesitation, Kytel manipulated the force to his bidding. A large fallen log made it's way into the abdomen of one of the Nightsisters, pinning her to the ground in the process. Her body broken, but her mind still fighting, she franticly struggled with the wooden object to no avail.

Kytel was unable to assist with the second, as he returned his attention to the immediate threat, Gilliad. Now the second sister had a clear attack route to Coryan.

His breathing slightly quickened, "Impressive, it is nice to see you remember my teachings.", he said, while twisting into a new attack. Three quick slashes from his blade unbalancing Gilliad.

Slightly outclassed by his elder foe and teacher, Gilliad becomes desperate, the Dark Side growing ever stronger deep within his bowels. He slices at Kytel's ankles, then his head, a quick combination in a pitiful attempt to set him up. His attempt failed horribly, his opponent simply touching his blade to the mans left shoulder, nearly avoiding his block entirely. Thankfully, he was able to stop it from completely passing through his body, only slightly burning his flesh.

"Perhaps you do not yet perceive how much I have taught you....", Kytel hesitated while performing a move far more complex than Gilliad could ever imagine...........

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