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RP: General character; any and all (Currently The Dark One)
Name: Jodo Baas
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Self-trained Jedi
Background: Traveled with his father throughout his childhood until the Empire murdered him. Jodo always knew he had a talent in the Force, but with the Empire hunting down the Jedi, he kept it secret as best he could. To find peace and a quiet place to harness his abilities, he came to Dathomir and learned from the "witches" there, aiding the Cray Claw clan in their battle against the Nightsisters.
Description: Jodo has always been a simple man, prefering the basic neccessities over elaborate decorations. He is a medium-build man with smooth features and long brown hair usually allowed to flow freely, wearing a form-fitting black jumpsuit covered by a brown raincloak with a hood.
Weapons: An organic-looking lightsaber created mostly from the materials on Dathomir. It has a white blade.
Droids: None.
Vehicles: None.
Place of birth: In deep space aboard his father's old ship, the Centennial Pheonix.
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