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The forest overlooking a clearing on Dathomir...

"I have a bad feeling about this."

Perched atop the rancor's backside, Jodo Baas finally reaches the source of the evil presence that has been tugging at his mind like harpstrings. Through the cover of the jungle, he can see into a small clearing where three men with lightsabers do battle; off to one side, a dying Nightsister tries vainly to remove a large log from her midsection, roaring in agony as it crushes her innards. Brushing back a strand of brown hair from his eyes, Jodo only gapes at the scene of chaos spread before him, his hand instinctively twitching toward his lightsaber hidden underneath his brown cloak.

The Force help me, he thinks to himself, preparing to leap off the rancor and into...

"Miya st'el ochkin!" a Nightsister screams, appearing from somewhere in the treetop canopy, knocking Jodo off balance from his percarious perch. Trying desperately to regain himself, Jodo tumbles from the lumbering beast's back and hits the ground at a roll, instantly grabbing his organic-looking lightsaber and thumbing it on in one smooth motion. A brilliant white blade springs into exsitance, swinging in a broad arc between himself and the crazed Nightsister.

Unable to stop herself, the haggard Nightsister takes the brunt of the lightsaber's swing, clutching her midsection as a searing pain tears into her flesh, coderizing it instantly. Now in full view of the clearing, Jodo slowly turns around to face the closest adversary, a young man with a slight reddish-brown tint to his hair. Concentrating, Jodo allows the Force into his being, guiding his movements with the Jedi blade, taking a defensive stance in front of Coryan.

"I don't want this," Jodo says to him, trying to be diplomatic, "This doesn't need to end in bloodshed. Please, put your weapon away and we can talk this out like rational, sentient beings."

Readying himself for anything, Jodo waits for Coryan's move.
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