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Dark Ages, 10,000 BBY

Before the Empire, before the Republic:

Since the invention of the Hyperdrive mankind has spread from his homeland, the cradle of his existance, out into the void.

Over the past 500 years conflict, chace and disaster have reduced the number of factions down to four. With the Death of Xem the Despot a large portion of the galaxy is up for grabs. Now the four remaining ruling houses must divide up this last area of contested space, or face another intergalactic war!

Okay, here's how I figure, this portion of SW history is pretty vague. So why not muck around. There are however rules about tech:

No Light Sabers

No Blasters, there are beam tubes but they way 15Kg including backpack and they are really unreliable.

No Proton Torps etc. just explosive missiles.

Cap ships have no Turbo Lasers, just "real lasers" and rockets.

No vibro blades.

So basically hand weapons are swords, knives and guns.

No Starfighters, atmopheric fighters that can be ferried from a Cap but no space worthy versions.

The Jedi are just a group of philosiphers.

No planets beyond the Inner Rim.

Sorry if thats long winded, but as near as I can tell, that how it is.


RPG Rules:

No God Moding.

No One post Kills.

Post a Bio.

Charecter must be an Inner Rim species, if in doupt go Human.

You must be affiliated to the one of the four ruling houses.

First three replies get to create the houses.


*Malken Flax watched his father, the old man was getting more agitated by the moment, Malken briefly considerd having the BattleDogs escort his father out before he killed someone. That, unfortunatly would be a terrible loss of face, so Malken let him rant.*

Draslo Flax: The Alcerpati system is on our border, it should be seeded to us!

*The other three lords present frowned.*

*The chamber they were in was a high, vaulted room, in the main tower of the "Galactic Central Goverment Palace" A title someone came up with to describe the quarterd castle, with the tower at its centre., that acted as the meeting place for the four ruling houses.*

*Malken sighed, it was going to be a long day.*

Charecter Bios

Name: Draslo Flax

Position: Leader of the House Flax, head of the Order of the BattleDogs.

General Description: An old man with white hair and a bad temper. He was once a great warrior, however he is far from his youth. This makes him bitter.

Age: 85


Name: Malken Flax

Position: Future Leader of the House Flax

General Description: A young man, of vision. He has a political mind however he is also a great General, Warrior and Pilot, despite this he hates war. He wishes to find a way to unite the houses and end the bloodshed.

Age: 26

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!
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