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Chapter 2
The Lost Welshman

The next day Alex woke up, feeling great. As if he could do anything. He had no idea how close he was to the truth. He got changed into his casual clothes as it was Sunday, and sorted out his hair quickly in his wardrobe mirror. It was a very bright day, the sunlight lit up the room as Alex opened the curtains. They a warm breeze blew into the room as he opened the window. ‘I can’t believe I fell off the roof and passed out. Ah well’ Alex said to himself as he stared out of his window at the back garden. He then walked to his bedroom door. He stopped as he felt a piece of paper in his pocket, he pulled it out and noticed one word ‘Death’ and realized it wasn't a dream. He felt light headed. Then he slowly opened his bedroom door. A bright light made him cover his eyes, but he soon adjusted. It was a large white room. Alex stepped in and heard the sound of footsteps down a corridor. Then a door opened, and there stood the figure he saw the night before, ‘hi Death’ Alex said jokingly.

‘Hello Welshman’ Death replied as he flicked through a pile of papers, ‘Have a seat’ he said as he pointed behind Alex. Alex turned and saw a table with two chairs either side that wasn’t there before. He sat down and spoke, ‘Where am I?’ Alex asked. Death laughed quietly to himself, ‘where am I?’ he said mockingly, ‘I'm lost, I'm the lost Welshman.’ He laughed again, ‘ So lost Welshman, you haven’t figured it out. Since your friend decided to kill me I'm stuck here in the afterlife. You on the other hand are let free. I don’t know how the system works but I’ve got an eternity of retirement so I’m ok with it.’

‘What do you mean let free?’ Alex asked
‘I mean you’re not like normal humans anymore, you are one of the awoken.’ Alex had a confused stare on his face. Death sighed, ‘A Reaper! Like I was!
‘Oh, so I have to ‘reap’ all the dead people in the world’
‘No. You get a lot of money but there are a few other people doing reaping, not officially mind you. You just handle the odd case or two in a month. Too easy if you ask me. In my day…’ Alex began to think about being Death and then interrupted,
‘So I’m Death then?’ He asked
‘Yeah, but you’re gonna have to have a new name, you can’t say, I’m Alex The Reaper. You need a cool name, like The Grim Reaper, or the Angel of Death. But those are taken, they were the first. Oh and you can’t have my name.’
‘Which is?’
‘The Ferryman,’ Death sighed again, ‘Children these days.’
‘How about…..The Lost Welshman?’
‘Yeah, that could work for you. I have to go now, you’ll get your reaping
equipment in the post and then you can have today off.’

A Black flash brought Alex back to his house. He felt excited. Suddenly he heard the post arrive. He looked down the spiraling staircase and decided to try something, and he launched himself over the banister and although he hurtled to the floor he landed softly on the ground. ‘Cool’ he said to himself.

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