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[The Old Republic was actually formed 25K years BBY. Never mind it is, by popular demand...]

House Starkiller
It is a legend on the Mid-Rim world of Atredis that it was an Angel, carrying a second Angel that came to Atredis. It married with one of the local princesses, and formed the great House Starkiller.

A house founded on the principles of equality and justice. However, the galaxy was soon plunged into war, and the Atredians have found that if they do not fight, they will die...

Name: Lord Ulverom Starkiller
Age: 44
Race: Human
Bio: Ulveron clings to the old ways, but hyperspace has opened up new opportunites that he both fears and longs for.

Name: Koravan
Age: 35
Race: Human
Bio: The Lord's Aide and the head of the Atredian Paladins, Koravan seeks to make Atredis safe for it's people.


Ulverom: Any news from our diplomats?

Koravan: Nothing sir. However, we have managed to reach the furthest planet in the system, but it's uninhabited.

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