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((remember the military officers aren't inside, and where the man group is is upstairs ^_^))

Jes: "Yes, what can I help you with?"

Officer: "Your the group that was envolved with the bank incident nearly a week ago?"

Jes: "Who wants to know?"

Officer: "The United States Goverment does."

*Davin, still having bandages on, walks in from behind Jessica*

Davin: "Whats in it for us?"

Officer 2: "That's him."

Davin: *reaching for a gun in the back of Jes's pants.* ((kinky ^_^)) "What if I am..."

Officer: "Funding. More properly manageable of course. That is if you agree to some terms..."

Davin: "Hold on a Sec..." *slams door closed*

Jes: "The is the break we are looking for! Goverment funding!"

Davin: "I still don't like it, notice he mentioned aobut that 'terms', besides I'm not sure If i can trust goverment funding. We don't know if the forgotten has influence in the goverment yet. Not only that, what about those two up there?"

Jes: "Well, they gotta speak up, those guys out there can't hear us... It's a nice door..."

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