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The battle begins...

The hair raised on the nape of Jodo's neck as he felt the Force being used against him, shoving him back a few meters near the hedgeline of the trees. Mentally cursing himself for letting his guard down, Jodo immediately spins on his heels, digging into the moist soil with his boots, springing forward toward Coryan with a Force-assisted boost. Aiming only to disarm his opponent and not harm him, Jodo deftly manuvers the white blade of his lightsaber around Coryan's, twisting it in an attempt to wrestle it from his grip.


Without warning, the rancor that bore Jodo into the forray, who had been sitting motionless just inside the treeline, bursts from his shrouded hiding place in an explosion of uprooted undergrowth and broken treelimbs. Its jaws salivating in fury, the massive beast charges straight for Jodo and his assailant.

Quickly hitting the ground and rolling to his left, Jodo barely misses the raging rancor, leaving only Coryan in its hell-bent path...
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