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Correction: Andy867 says it's a requirement.

"We would love to have you on, unfortunately the lack
of file updates is not the fault of the file posters,
but because the file server, which runs separately
from the site and the Forums, has had a long down
time, even though from time to time, it appears to be
working. Basically, in order to even be considered for
a job, you MUST have broadband connection(Cable, DSL,
T1, T3, Satellite, D1, D3, and the alike). Secondly,
you must be able to devote, once our file server is
back up on a more stable state, 2-3 hours per day in
reviewing files for validity, and make sure that they
have the proper credentials (screenshot, Readme.txt,
and working .pk3 or whatever it may be). Also, we try
not to take offense to some of the emails we may
receive for whatever issue, so we have to be
cool-headed about that kind of thing. So, the person
to talk to is probably Visac, Eets, Aristotle,
ZeroXcape, since they have seniority over me. "

And here's shocker...none of the individuals I've been directed to have answered the emails I've sent.

My guess is that the key staff have quit caring and quit messing with the site at all.

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