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((Okay, I'm alive again!

BD: Deac's right, this whole thing is 25K BBY if Xem just died and we still have beam tubes. [ see: ]

Not that it matters

Also you don't need to worry about vampires. Except perhaps for the ancient Lelan, the galaxy as we know it is empty of magic, vampires, and the like. (i.e. stuff from Mrear) The world of magic is hidden away.

Scar: Remember you can't control Cracken's characters, even dead ones. Also, didn't I tell you a billion times that there was no bloodline? Why do you keep insisting there must be a bloodline?))

House Darkholme

House Darkholme is a sly and crafty one. It has two main divisions, or sub-houses: House Raven and House Slythen. House Slythen, the older house, has a reputation underhanded dealings and a hidden ruthlessness, and to be dealt with more warily. House Raven has a reputation of cleverness, and is the youngest of the houses. Together the two form House Darkholme. Their symbol is that of a raven and a serpent.

((BD, before I post bios, I have a question: Can you give some examples of Inner Rim species? I'm a little at a loss, and I don't want the RPG to be only populated with humans))

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