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Originally posted by KillMeNow
on another note i was playing i think it was nar shada level and a gredo lookalike tried ot shoot me with sniper rifle and to my complete an utter amazement (only ever happenedn once) kyle went slow mo like when you kill a reborn or something and dodged the sniper blast - now isthere some way to make him do this more offen? did i just happen to hit the keys at the right time and the game descided skilled dodging was worth of slow mo or what? cause if thats some cool hidden force power i need to know
I had this happen a few times in Nar Shadaa Bespin Streets on the Xbox. And I've seen other Xbox posts about it. He did it both ways. Speeding up (with the force speed sound) even though I didn't have speed selected, if he was moving when the shot was fired. And the twisting dodge when he was stationary. I tried for an hour to find some consistency but never could. Seemed random.

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