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Torm: *Looks over manifesto* as for this metal-rich system, I say it would be fair to give each house equal...

*Lord Ulverom suddenly appears on a Holoproj*

Ulverom: This is Lord Ulverom Starkiller. About thirty minutes ago by the time this message is played, an atempt on the life of my heir was made. I challenge those responsable to come forward! I await the reply of the council.

Torm: Forgive me, gentlemen, I had no idea of this event.

*A voice whispers in Torm's ear from an electronic infolink*

Gennadi: Neither did I. And that's worrying. You're on your own now, lad. I'm going back to Atredis at once.


Name: Gennadi Isotov
Race: Human
Age: 52
Bio: Lord Ulverom's master of assassins. Works closely and shares many personality traits with Torm. Has served the family since birth.

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