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Enraged and frustrated, swings with all of his might, in an effort to decapitate his former master. His swing, so powerful, so fast, that Kytel barely avoids the blow.

Trying to duck Gilliad's mighty blow, is nearly unable to avoid it. The blow, in fact, was far too powerful for him to parry properly either. Arching his back away from the attack, and parrying off balance, the swing disarmed Kytel, knocking the blade from his hand. The bright red beam dissipates, and the cylinder falls lifeless to the ground. Helplessly, Kytel inches backwards.

Having bested his old master, he knew it was his time to become a true master, in destroying Kytel. Gloating momentarily, his smile widens as he raises his blade to strike.

OOC: Do not interfere, this was supposed to happen. This was in my original plot.

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