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Sam & Max Soundtrack HERE!

Hi everybody. I finally finished creating MP3s out of some of the Sam & Max MIDI-files (at least the ones that don't drive you crazy when listening to it, like the "Mystery Vortex"-track... *shiver*). So I hope there's no copyright problems with this, but since Monkey Island's soundtrack is available in the Mix-n-Mojo-network too, I think it's alright (plus I excluded the four pieces contained on the game CD, so you might wanna rip them yourself). So, here we go, I hope the download works, and I hope it stays online:

01 - LucasArts Introduction
02 - "Friends...."
03 - Pleasently Understated Credit Sequence (on game CD)
04 - Another Idiotic and Baffling Assignment
05 - Outside Headquarters
06 - Carnival of the Odd
07 - Wak-a-Rat
08 - Hall of Oddities
09 - Trixie's Trailer
10 - Doug the Mole Man (on game CD)
11 - Greetings from the USA
12 - Highway Surfing
13 - The World's Largest Ball of Twine
14 - World of Fish & "I'm a Trout, Stupid..."
15 - Dino Bungee National Memorial
16 - Extracting the Tooth from a Per.. Predator
17 - Celebrity Vegetable Museum
18 - Childhood in Brighton (on game CD)
19 - Virtual Reality or "The Tale of Brave Sir Sam"
20 - Savage Jungle Inn
21 - Bigfoot Party (on game CD)
22 - End Titles

Comments and criticism... it's all welcome... Enjoy!

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