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Das Mole
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ranks on this site

there definitely need to be more ranks. i know these for sure.

wanna-be pirate: min. 0 posts
monkey:min. 30 posts
then it goes all the way to...
three-headed monkey (or something) at 500 posts?
giant robotic monkey head (?) at 1000 (or custom)
el pollo diablo at 2000 (or custom)

there definitely needs to be some more rankings in there. waiting 470 posts just to get up a ranking? that's crazy!!!!! and another 500 to get a custom? put some every hundred or something. isn't it that one the star wars ones or something there are about 15 or so rankings?! maybe 10 or something, but still, waiting for your post count to get that high to move up a ranking? by then, you probably already have enough points to buy your own custom title!
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