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[Admin]Please use don't use the The Bugs/Problems/Limitations Thread for suggestions. Thanks. [/Admin]

Cartwheels for a side roll like luke does in SP and a back flip for back roll would be great and very convenant! roll is good but seem to be rather stupid as how from standing still could you just fly straight over a distance of maybe5 or so steps! wierd! also making it do damage great idea! heres some of my own...

Being able to kick flip off wall while in midair would be great.

Being able to wallwalk from mid air would be great too.

I'd say when u sue saber throw and you saber still comes back should be reduced a little bit! make it more of a chance that if a collision happens you saber will drop and youu have to pull it back or collect it. Also i have noticed VERY Rarely but it happens then you saber dont come back lol!! always funny when it happens but is there a way it could be used? like if a saber fall down a pit it will not just appear back in the jedi's hand but it will require a full force pool to force pull it back from such a long range!

Whats with these Points thing below our posts?


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