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ok, first of all, more people didn't vote for djg on this poll than the other options. two is smaller than four. second, what point does it serve? uh, nothing? except the fact that it takes up space and is completely idiotic. and another thing- barely anybody even votes for djg except the person who made it. let me tell you a little story based on this topic. i looked at one of my threads one day, it had no djg option on the poll, everything was fine. i check back in a couple of minutes, and djg is there with 9 votes. however, there were only 3 people on the forum at the time. hmmm, i wonder how this happened? not! the mod just stuck in the djg option, plugged in however many votes they felt like, and then said something to the extent of "most people voted for djg, so it's not a good poll" when in fact, nobody voted for djg at all but the stupid mod! why put it on the poll anyway? if you're trying to make the point "this poll is bad" by doing that, then stay away from the topic instead. i don't see why you have to ruin it for everyone voting on it. and since you're saying "more people voted" when they really didn't, it's just showing your opinion! what if other people don't think it's stupid? maybe if this keeps happening, people won't come here anymore. how would you like that?

maybe mods just have some stupid idea in their mind that "oh, since i'm a mod, i'll do whatever the **** i want to. i'll add djg to piss them off because i either 1) hate whoever made the poll, " which i'm guessing is what is happening in my case, "or 2) i think the poll is stupid" which i think is also happening in my case. i've said before and i'll say it again, you're not gonna drive me away by putting that on my polls, so you might as well quit. if you think it's stupid say "i don't like this topic" or don't say anything and stay away from it. all you're doing is making me hate you.

and those of you who aren't the mod and still voted for it... why? what the hell is the point? to be immature and obnoxious? there's no reason to vote for something that doesn't even make sense. it especially makes some newbies confused and they're like "what the hell is djg?", and hardly anybody says anything about them doing it or what the point is, so i have to explain. just stop doing it, there's no point it's completely immature and stupid, why do it? just stop, cause all you're doing is pissing me off and i'm just gonna keep complaining. so just don't do it anymore.
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