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O.k. I understand....
I'll level with you, it would be difficult for me to create complex scenes featuring complex characters on my own, without any help at all. But, lesser time consuming and difficult scenes, such as vehicles, space crafts, space scenes, flybys, buildings, citys, different areas, and pretty much anything which isn't a character, would be much easier for me to create on my own. There is ofcourse a possibily to get a couple of more people to work with me and as a result create more impressive scenes.
As for prerenderd graphics looking better then in-game cinematics, it would depend on the complexity, and the amount of time I have. In general, prerenderd graphics are much better, then the in-game cinematics.
I understand you're worried, but the best way to solve this, is to create a test/example scene, and from that you could decide for yourself.

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