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Originally posted by Metallus
Padanime has it right. This is not a discussion forum, except where allowed in clearly stated threads (posted by admin-types). Replies that are not a suggestion to fix a problem, or are not related to the problem at hand just don't belong, and are generally annoying. Likewise, try to avoid "jumping on the bandwagon" of a feedback post unless you genuinely have something to add to the argument, or posting in disagreement without at least some support to your post. Posts like "Yeah that's great!" and "No, that's crap!" really aren't helpful or substantial in the long run. In other words, don't make us have to go on spam patrol and create a need to lock help/feedback topics; we're not babysitters.

As far as sig pics go, I don't think users should have to feel compelled to turn off all signatures just to avoid spots of awful load times or eyesore. It creates a bad image for the forums if people use bulky images which causes threads to break or load more slowly for others, and can be a real turn-off for people who just discover the place. If people go too nuts with filesize, we'll have to consider disabling some people's signatures, or possibly removing the option to post sig images entirely.

One alternative that I highly recommend for people who insist on going to the maximum with sig images is to consider only using your sig some of the time, say, once per thread. There is an option to toggle your signature above the "submit" button on both the new thread/new reply forums.
i have to agree with Metallus on everything in that post, and i have to add once you get a sig pic its kinda dull thats why im not using mined anymore... as for the size limit i dont think you shouldnt even use Gif Sigs, its pointless! a Signature i supposed to be your sign....not an image you all of a sudden feel like using but its too big for your avatar.

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