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Amid the screams of battle...

His eyes wide with adrenalin and horror, Jodo Baas watches as the head of the wild rancor sails off its shoulders and into a nearby tree, splintering the bark with a loud pop. Acting quickly, Jodo closes his eyes and concentrates, letting the sweet essence of the Force calm his fear and heighten his senses, focusing on the massive husk of the beheaded rancor pinning Coryan to the ground. A bead of sweat trickles down his cheek as the strain takes its hold, a sudden desperation filling Jodo's every facet.

He will not allow Coryan to die.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the huge body of the dead beast begins to rise, its lumbering arms danging lifelessly to the ground. Using the motion of his hands as a guide, Jodo uses his hold on the Force to shove the rancor's carcass aside, relieving the stress from Coryan's crushed ribs. As the beast falls safely back to the ground, so too does Jodo, tired and breathing heavily from the exerted energy. Ignoring Coryan's moaning, he turns his attention back to the two dueling men, his mind racing like a gundark with its tail on fire.

What in the name of the Force have I gotten myself into? he wonders, watching as the younger duelist prepares to destroy and old robed man...
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