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(OOC: LMAO! That's a good one)

A man in a red-with-black-top trenchcoat, long silver hair, and a demonic look to him, walked into the bar. The security droid went up to him.

Droid: Hand over your weapons, you will receive them as you leave.

Man: Sure, why not.

The man hands over a rather large sword and two handguns.

Welmin looked hard at the man and grinned. "Aye! Craig, what happened to you? You changed so much you look like you went to heck and back!"

Craig grinned and only replied, "Things happen, and I got rid of the armor, I can fight better without it now."

[Edit: I'm updating my char profile now since my avatar doesn't show my char good enough lol.]

Craig sat down and ordered a Corellian Ale.
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