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Re-entering orbit at a rapid speed, Topshot's escape pod begins to burn and tear. Like a meteor, the sound can be heard for miles around.

Somewhere outside of town, his ship lands roughly, the exterior screeching against solid metal. 5 minutes after, the ship comes to a halt. People of all races gather around the site of the wreckage, pondering how such a thing could happen.

The sound could be heard all across town, reaching from the markets all the way to Welmin's.

A man slowly climbs from the disaster. A man wearing a now dusty felt tipped hat, and torn overcoat.

"Hoo boy! What a rough landing!" he says to no one but himself.
"Time to get me another drink........."

With that said, the man walks off to the cantina known as Welmin's.

"My name's not 'Adam We'........or is it????"
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