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Question Indiana Jones and the Emporers Tomb

I pretty much just started the game, and I am still in Prague now. I started playing the game in the HARD mode, because I played the Infernal Machine that way. Which I thought was just great! So, I would like to know if you people think this game is "easier" than the IM? I read in the ET game manual that you do not see the "icons" when in the hard game, but when ever I come up to a lever the "lever icon" always pops up. Also, when he goes into a "I will say room" the camera view slides across the room so you are to be sure to "see" something of "value". And, if he walks up to something, he starts "thinking" out loud, before I get to see what is going on. I want this to be a challenge, not a "gimme" game. Is this a "bug" in the difficulty setting or will it get more difficult as the game progresses? I find it really easy right now, I mean too easy! I keep going back to see if the game is still set to hard, and it is. Sorry, if I sound redundent. Has anyone here finished this yet? I realize that it is still new, so....

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