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I have to say, that I did find it straightforward (even on hard) because of the reasons you gave. I read somewhere, that if you are use to playing these sort of games, you kind of know what to look for etc. and I think that definitely was a factor when I played it. A review magazine described the Infernal Machine as surprsingly cerebral which I think was a pretty accurate description. However, for Emperor's Tomb, emphasis seems to have shifted to combat which was fun, but I did miss an 'intellectual' challenge. The hardest part of the game for me was finding all the artefacts - I've got about 60% of them so far...Also, when I played the game, it took me about two weeks to get to the end of the third level and then only 1 week to do the other 7 levels. The levels didn't seem as long from 4 onwards - I don't think I was playing it more often. The graphics and sound are good and I personally liked some of the level design, but overall I thought Infernal Machine was a far better game.
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