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Topshot turns a look to Craig, gazing at him as if he were trying to remember him. After all, he had never seen him without his armor on.

"Life's been treating me pretty rough lately. Was captured and taken aboard RandomMonkey's Imperial cruiser. Met up with a guy called Dahren there. Seems he was also captured for some reason. After about 4 hours or so, we had escaped using 2 of RandomMonkey's new escape pods and met up with a couple Tie Bombers along the way. That sound you heard was my escape pod landing roughly on the surface just a couple miles outside of town. Aside from that, everything's okay."

He then grabs a seat near the bar.

"How have things been going for you? I noticed your not wearing that old armor I last seen you wearing. By the looks of it, I'd say you've gotten stronger."

"My name's not 'Adam We'........or is it????"
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